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Essential oils for baby teething

By the time a baby reaches his third birthday,

he will have probably cut his 20 milk teeth.

This can vary greatly as to when the teeth arrive’s. Some babies do not get any teeth until after their 1 st birthday, whereas very occasionally a baby is actually born with teeth.

The normal pattern is for the first tooth appears about when a child is 6 months old.

Some babies suffer quite severe symptoms of raised temperature, running noses and runny stools with a show of considerable discomfort. This has not to the case, some babies hardly notice any problems when the first tooth arrives.Disturbed nights result in tiredness and irritation and can set up a vicious circle of upset that is difficult to break.Luckily there are some essential oils that will help break this cycle.

CHAMOMILE ROMAN, is an anti- inflammatory, eases pain and is calming on the whole system. It soothes irritability and acts as a general sedative.

CHAMOMILE GERMAN  is an analgesic bringing relief for the pain. It is recommended for a toothache and skin rashes. It also calms the digestive system.

GINGER, is an analgesic and temperature reducing. It is good for toothaches ,chronic bronchitis and for all side effects of colds. It has a warm pleasant spicy aroma.


Make a bottle of Baby Teething treatment oil with the following ingredients Blend

Almond Oil

5 drops Chamomile Roman

5 drops Chamomile German

5 drops Ginger

Store in a small dark glass bottle.

Make a bottle of the teething treatment, by adding 2 drops of the blend in 30 ml Sweet Almond oil.

Put a bit of the oil on your finger and gently massage the cheek of your baby.To help ease the pain, put 1 teaspoon of the blend in a small cup of ice cold water.

With a cotton bud and dip it in the water, gently wipe the baby’s gym with the cotton bud.

Alternatively, you can put just one drop of Chamomile Roman into a large cup of ice cold water.

Swish the water around thoroughly so that the oil mixes well. Now apply to the baby’s gum with a cotton bud in the same way as above.

Do not put more the 1 drop of Roman Chamomile in the water, if more than 1 drop falls accidently in the water throw the water away and start again.


To help the baby settle you can use a foot massage.

Grasp each foot firmly between your thumbs and fingers. Gently massage both feet, simultaneously, by moving your thumbs in a circular rhythmic motion form the center of the foot to the base of the toes.

The baby may well fidget to start with but will usually settle quite quickly and often be comforted to sleep. You can do this over the baby’s socks or baby suit at any time the baby is restless

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