How do I know which essential oils are right for me?

There are more than 90 essential oils and each of them can have one or more healing properties. That many choice leaves us with the question of what are the best oils for me.

Natural Products for a Wide Range of Conditions

The first thing to you need to think of is  when making your selection is whether or not the scent appeals to you. Every oil might have a useful medicinal property for each of us, but only certain scents work for us. The aromas of the essential oils work to stimulate our nervous system and brain functions. If we are distracted by the side effect of a scent irritation in our body or the aroma simply does not appeal to our senses, then the essential oil probably is not a good choice. Try to sample the scent if possible especially if we are purchasing it for the first time. This can be accomplished by taking a trip to a local essential oils supplier or at the very least, to a local bath products retailer.

The second thing to consider is the effect we would like to create with our essential oils. The oils have long been known to promote emotional balance and stability in addition to having healing properties and just plain smelling great! Wow! Experience physical healing in your body and mind and experience a great scent at the same time. That’s two effects for the price of one!

What benefits can we expect from essential oils?

The essential oils promote several effects such as providing an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, reducing stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. In addition, the oils are also known to promote a sense of confidence, reduce fatigue and tiredness, reduce feelings of fear and loneliness, and promote memory and concentration, helps with sleep problems, reducing fever, even get healthier hair. There are many more effects that the use of essential oils provides! It is important to note that not all essential oils promote or reduce all emotions. It will take time to learn which essential oil promotes or reduces which effect, but if fail to do this chances are you buy oils that are not working for you.

The third thing you want to consider is the cost associated with the use of essential oils. Not only does the essential oil have to be purchased, but if you are buying from a mainland supplier, shipping and handling costs should be taken into account. If you plan on combining the essential oil with a carrier oil, creams, salts or soap costs should also be estimated as well. The oils need proper storage elements. Wooden craft boxes are relatively inexpensive and are helpful in keeping your bottles in a safe manner while making the transport of those bottles easy to do. You will need to calculate the costs for extra items such as bottles to store your blended oils and diluted mixes. Also, do some research on the costs of equipment such as distillers (if you plan on making your own essential oils) or a diffuser for refreshing a room would be helpful.

You need to consider the three things we mentioned above when you start to select your oils for your new collection. Best is start doing some planning, what are the oils for? what is the cost? what are the shipping costs and what about the shelve life……. Then you are ready to purchase your essential oil collection.

Natural Products for a Wide Range of Conditions

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