Best 8 Healthy Stress Relievers.

If you are looking for healthy stress relievers, we listed our top 8 below. Some may surprise you. Just try a few out and you will feel more relaxed.

Try Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga makes you feel more relaxed and happier: Even when you fake laughing, your brain thinks the laughter is real and understands it must create happiness chemicals because you are acting happy. Therefore, you become happier. Laughter yoga causes tensions to be released, mood to be elevated and relieves stress

Take Nature Walks

Walking in nature have been shown to help relax both body and mind, causing a greater sense of peace and tranquility to relax the body. Being in the fresh air with natural beauty is a balm for the soul.


According to the ancient art of reflexology, or therapeutic foot massage, the soles of the feet contain a map of the body. By pressing different points on the feet, the body’s energy system can be brought into balance. Very relaxing and refreshing.

Go On Vacation

Everybody deserves a vacation, and in fact, everybody needs a vacation. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” is true for us all. Think of a holiday as an essential part of your health regime, rather than as a luxury. Plan one into your schedule each and every year.

Get A Dog, Cat Or Goldfish

Studies have found that owning a pet can calm you down, and help you relax, feel less alone and more connected. Having a pet can bring you a sense of purpose. Stroking cats and dogs give you a feeling of calm, as well as watching a fish tank.


Affirmations are present tense statements in the first person (“I”), which help you change negative thinking to positive. Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain are the ”grandmothers” of affirmations. Buy one of the books on


When you raise the corners of your lips to a smile, your brain is tricked into believing you must be happy and starts making “happiness hormones” for you. So smile, even if you don’t feel like it. It will make you happy! Smiling also relaxes the muscles in your face and helps you release tension that way.

Have Sex

Having sex is a great way to bust some of that stress. Studies show that it helps you release tension and relax deeply. It aids deeper sleep. It helps boost your immunity and it’s good cardio too!