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Paleo is not a diet, it is a Life Style!

Paleo breakfast ideas and recipes that will set you up for a day full of energy and more productivity.


Paleo Breakfast Options That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering


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The Paleo Diet is a very interesting diet, and it’s also very natural and healthy, too. You are going to need help with recipes, and this article is going to focus on ideas for breakfast recipes for the Paleo Diet. If you were to do a quick search of Paleo breakfast ideas, you would get the results I did and see that there are hundreds of different breakfast recipes. Still, people report that breakfast isn’t always easy to figure out on this diet. Let’s solve the disconnect problem here.

One thing you can bank on is the fact that eggs are going to be a major part of your diet. Imagine that you like breakfast tacos as much as I do. Well, you’re going to make all kinds of Paleo tacos. Now, we’re talking portobello egg cups, bell pepper and tomato egg cups and more. These are great, easy and quick baked recipes that you can enjoy for breakfast. To me, that sounds like a Paleo omelet, and I know that I’d especially enjoy the bell pepper egg cup. Are you a fan of muffins like I am? You can make a sausage egg muffin, and that might just be my favorite Paleo breakfast option right there. It’s funny because the source I saw this recipe listed on called it the sausage egg ‘McMuffin,’ which is what McDonald’s calls it of course. When you make the Paleo Diet version at home, it’s just the sausage egg ‘muffin.

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You can have eggs and ham, buffalo chicken sliders and so much more. It’s not that you don’t have choices, but it’s sometimes hard to get the restrictions down, right? And, even when you have quite a few choices, it’s not like you are going to remember them all the time. You’ll be in the grocery store with everything hitting you at once, and hopefully, you’re not going to be hungry.


The more dishes I looked at on the list, the more I saw that included eggs. If you don’t like eggs, you still have plenty of options, but you’ll have to put up with seeing many recipes mentioned with eggs included. One more egg recipe that sounded really interesting to me was an egg and avocado recipe. Plantain coconut pancakes sounds really scrumptious too, don’t you think? Or, how about curry broccoli fritters and coconut flour apple pancakes?


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