Reiki Healing to Relieve Stress

Today our busy lives are full of daily pressures, deadlines, hassles, and demands, which result in us becoming highly stressed and anxious.

Unfortunately for very many of us, this stressed state is with us constantly every day.

For most people a small amount of stress can actually help motivate and help us to perform better under a little pressure; operating in a form of ’emergency mode’.

However, being in this stressed emergency mode for longer periods can have serious effects on your physical and emotional health.

Uncontrollable stress can affect you in so many ways:

Inability to make decisions, lack of concentration, constant worrying, negative views, anxiety, short temper, poor memory, distant appearance, aggressive behavior for no reason, overreacting to situations, feeling overwhelmed and isolated, depression and unhappiness.

  • 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by Stress
  • 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by Stress
  • 48% feel Stress has increased over the last 5 years  

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Maybe you have an existing health condition?

Do you find that your symptoms flare up or get worse when you feel stressed or anxious?

So clearly it’s vitally important to control how you react to stressful situations and do all you can keep stress at bay.

Many people try to avoid taking medication to control the devastating effects of stress and instead look for a natural solution.

One such wonderful complementary therapy is Reiki Healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced “ray-key”, is derived from two Japanese words which loosely translate to “Universal Life-force energy”.

This ‘life force energy’ refers to the natural energy that is invisible but is all around us and is freely available for everyone. This invisible energy also runs throughout our bodies.

At times our energy levels are depleted, and the energy flow in our bodies becomes slow or is ‘trapped’ and ‘blocked’. This can lead to feelings of tiredness and a general lack of energy. In fact we often say things like “I’ve got no energy today” or “my body feels out of cinque today” don’t we? This can be because our internal energy is trapped or blocked.

Reiki works on the basis that the person who gives the Reiki (sometimes known as a ‘Reiki healer’) taps into this natural energy source and acts as a conduit by transferring some energy through their hands to the person or animal receiving the Reiki.

Reiki is a very gentle and totally natural non-manipulative healing therapy, which anyone can do either on themselves or other people, as well as for animals too.

It simply involves laying hands gently on various parts of the body and holding the position for a few minutes before moving the hands to another position.

Or, you can hover your hands over the body without actually touching.

There is no pulling, pushing or prodding or any form of manipulation. There is no invasion such as with needles and no potions or tablets are involved either. It is purely about gently placing hands on the body or hovering over the body, transferring this energy to the receiver helping to create a healthy energy flow to encourage the receiver’s body to self-heal.

How could Reiki benefit me and my family?

Reiki is a holistic natural therapy – so simultaneously it could assist you on a physical level at the same time as helping with any emotional issues such as stress or anxiety – in fact the two could easily be interrelated.

One of the biggest benefits of Reiki is its calming effect, which can really help relax you after a busy day at work or whenever you find yourself in any stressful situations.

Some other wonderful Benefits of Reiki for you and your loved ones:

  • Releases stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps reduce pain and suffering
  • Helps keep existing health conditions from flaring up when stressed
  • Complements all medical treatments
  • Helps speed up recovery following illness or surgery
  • Totally harmless
  • No needles
  • No manipulation
  • Totally natural
  • No pills or potions
  • Available whenever you want it –when you are trained to give Reiki yourself – read on to see how you can easily do this
  • Improves sense of wellbeing
  • Helps calm nervousness
  • Boosts immune system
  • Minimizes feelings of fatigue
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Aids better sleep
  • Accelerates bodies self-healing
  • Promotes a natural balance
  • Assists in clearing toxins from the body

Phew ….. that’s an impressive list isn’t it?

Many people find a Reiki session so totally relaxing that they fall asleep either during or after the session has finished.

Because Reiki is so simple to perform there is no need to carry out any preparation prior to giving a session. You can start and finish giving Reiki as and when you want to, or whenever it’s required.

The awesome thing is Reiki is very gentle and simple and can do no harm, instead it can only potentially good things for you.

So how do I get some Reiki to help with Stress?

There are basically 3 main ways that you can get some Reiki for you and your loved ones.

1) Book a Reiki session

You can seek out a Reiki practitioner near to your location and book a session with them. . You will obviously need to pay a fee.

Prices vary but you should expect to pay around $60 [£50] for a 45-minute session. Be aware though that you might need several sessions to work on a particular problem. Reiki shouldn’t be considered a ‘one hit wonder’.

2) Attend a training course and learn yourself

Anyone and everyone have the ability to give Reiki healing. No special skills are required and you do not need to be ‘gifted’ in any way as some Reiki practitioners might lead you to believe!

The key to being able to give Reiki healing is to be ‘attuned’ to Reiki. This is a short harmless process that releases your natural in-built ability to give Reiki. This attunement forms part of a training course where you should receive a manual and guidance on how to give Reiki to people and even yourself. Only a Reiki Master is able to carry out this attunement process.

Usually, on such courses you receive a Reiki Level 1 or Reiki First Degree Qualification

reiki to relieve stress

3) Learn Reiki yourself via a Quick and Simple Home Study Course (except there’s no studying to do)

Not everyone likes to attend a live course … all that traveling, taking too much time out and having to share with strangers.

There is a much quicker and cheaper option to make sure you are shown how to give Reiki to help lower stress and that is by enrolling on this [Reiki for Stress Home Study course] from Rob Fellows Reiki, which is ideal for you if you want to give Reiki to yourself or a loved one.

On this course, you will be attuned remotely to Reiki, and Rob will send you his comprehensive color manual showing you where to place your hands for maximum healing effect on yourself and other people … which you will be able to download immediately. The manual also covers a host of other really useful stress-busting information with sections on what foods to eat, and those to avoid, and lots of other techniques to help you cope with stress and stressful situations on a day by day basis.

You will also receive a Reiki Level 1 qualification and your certificate to prove it.

In fact, you’ll actually receive not one but TWO certificates. The first is your Reiki Qualification and the second confirms you’ve been guided on how to use Reiki to help lower and control stress.

The beauty of learning Reiki for yourself is that you will then be able to give Reiki to yourself, and other people whenever you want to and whenever it’s needed. Quickly and simply.

Learning Reiki on this [course] from Rob Fellows Reiki is very easy as there is no studying, no essays to write and no exams to take. Hooray!

And the cost is only about the same as booking just two sessions from a Reiki practitioner – but instead you’ll be able to give hands-on Reiki to yourself and anyone else forever.

International Reiki Master Rob Fellows will personally attune you remotely to trigger your natural in-built ability to give Reiki and then you will literally be able to give Reiki healing straight away … and this new skill will last you a lifetime.

Then, the more you practice the stronger your energy becomes.

It’s as simple as that.

Case Study

Katsumoto Atwood N.M.D, Illinois, USA helps his wife with Reiki who suffers from Anxiety

” I gave my wife Reiki as she suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder ( G.A.D ). I started with the crown chakra and began to work my way down spending approximately 3-4 minutes per area. After I finished with the top of the head I moved on to the temples and then the ears. By this point she told me that I needed to stop, when asked why the response I got was “it feels weird your hands are so hot and I am getting a little nauseous.” I explained to her that this was normal as it was the body’s way of detoxing. So, I finished with her ears at which point she decided to take a shower and head to bed.

Now I don’t really know if she will admit it or not, but I am pretty sure that was one of the best nights of sleep she has had in a long time. I mean I live near railroad tracks and hear trains blow their whistles every day and let me tell you the snoring she did that night put those trains to shame (Laugh out Loud ). She told the next morning that when she awoke she had felt refreshed and was full of energy.”

For a great simple Home Study course that covers everything you need so you can give Reiki to help combat stress take a look at [Reiki for Stress Home Study course] from Rob Fellows Reiki.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into this simple gentle and totally natural healing therapy and is something that you will now try with yourself or your loved ones suffering with stress.

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