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Natural Stress Relief Tips

Why this Ebook about StressLet’s face it, dear friend. Find time for relaxation. In this day and age, stress, tension, and anxiety are constant facts of life.

Each week, the pace of life gets faster and faster. When life becomes overwhelming, taking it easy is easier said than done and finding time to relax becomes increasingly difficult. Smell the flowers and relaxNowadays, taking time out to smell the flowers is a luxury we feel we can’t afford since the world has been hit by the recession. Most of us don’t have time for activities in our lives that are emotionally fulfilling and healthy because we are busy working to make ends meet.

Our feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension never get allayed. The majority of people know that stress is one of the leading causes of potentially deadly health conditions such as heart attacks and stroke. However, most people are caught in a trap of feeling overwhelmed by a seemingly insurmountable amount of work and wind up spending our lives feeling thrown for a loop appears to be an inevitable fact of life. When you feel squished by financial problems, it is difficult to remain emotionally stable and physically fit. We are frustrated and exasperated by rigid social structures and constantly needy people.

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Frankly, the experience of feeling like life is too much to bear routinely crops up for most of us. In order to get through the day, a crutch to help us avoid being knocked down by the circumstances of our lives is often required. Unfortunately, that crutch often comes in the form of self-medication in the form of street drugs, food, or alcohol to help take the edge off of the ever-present feelings of anxiety and stress. Others make an appointment with their doctor to ask for a prescription to cheer them up, make them perky, or calm them down. Unfortunately, these treatments are just a way to escape. They provide only temporary relief from the stress, no matter if they are self-prescribed or obtained through a medical doctor.

The net result of these escapes is getting further behind because of unmet deadlines or the dreariness of a morning hangover. Which leads to more stress. It is normal to experience some stress in the course of a day, however, for some people, the anxiety and stress levels are so bad that they must avoid living their lives by canceling social obligations and calling in sick to work. The only thing that they have time to do is to deal with their own emotional pain and the stress it brings because their mind has turned into a broken and difficult machine. Your new full-time job has become management of your own stress. This is something that you might require some help with. Instead of stressing about it, maybe it is time to relax.

When stress levels become too high for extended periods of time, it turns into major depression or chronic anxiety. Many find that they need treatment for addiction or wind up having a nervous breakdown. At one point in my life, I stretched myself to the limit and beyond in order to be all things to all the people in my life. I thought I was Superwoman. Every minute of every day was all about others and I didn’t reserve any time for myself.

Because of this, I didn’t take care of myself and began to regularly experience anxiety attacks. These chronic attacks led to a deep depression which drove others away. They could no longer deal with my constant downer moods. The isolation and depression increased my anxiety level. Wanting to be normal led to more stress, and I was left feeling like something was always wrong.

Once I began gaining weight and bloating up because of the antidepressants prescribed to me, I only wanted to lie on the couch and eat. I had gained a large amount of weight and was a total mess by the time that I finally stopped taking all of these medications. I eventually gained the confidence required to restore my burnt out psyche by reducing my need for antidepressants, alcohol, and too much food once I discovered the natural therapies and solutions that truly worked. Once I was able to successfully regain control of my life from depression, stress, and anxiety,

I wrote this eBook. I am finally able to accept that things will never be perfect and was able to halt the descent into depression. I realized that the root cause of all of my problems was stress. I had never understood before what the rat race was doing to me because I was so busy running on the treadmill. I allowed myself to succumb to the toll that stress was laying on me because I was not taking charge of my own life and was constantly reacting instead. When I began doing the research for this book, my first step was to find out all I could about the harmful chronic problems caused in our lives by tension, anxiety, and stress.

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