Can Low Testosterone Cause Migraines?

As a signed up nurse I participate in many classes, and recently had a little discovery about the relationship between age and the occurrence of migraines headaches.

Our teacher said that migraines headaches barely ever appear after the age of 55 and that migraines headaches belong to hormones and hormone modification. I discovered this impressive, considering that in my several years in the ER. I had actually in reality seen lots of more youthful males and women with migraines headaches, however never older males or females.

However, it had not struck me that hormonal agent change was the crucial element to migraines headaches. This now made perfect sense to me. Both my husband and I suffer from routine migraines headaches, which drastically diminished after we started using the hormonal agent creams that I produce, called Prosperon for males, and Prosperine for ladies.

We understood that these creams increase the hormonal agent progesterone in females, testosterone in men, and decreases the hormone estrogen in both sexes. But while we understood that we would be stabilizing our hormonal agent levels and enhancing our sex drive, we had no concept that we would be reducing my migraines and making my partner’s a thing of the past.

That I never thought of! This was a first-hand verification of the relationship between migraines and testosterone levels. Beside the lessening of our migraine headaches, we feel a lot more energetic.

Dr. John Lee mentions that natural progesterone is beneficial for osteoporosis, libido, brain health, allergic reactions and skin toning and so on.

For sure we are really happy to not need to suffer our migraine head pains anymore.I should include that migraines headaches can likewise react if you work on avoiding stress and tension and limit your intake of sugar and processed foods.

Weather changes can also set off some migraines, and there’s not much we can do about that! But the amazing thing, which I now understand through both science and experience, is what a distinction we can make just through the routine use of a natural cream, which you can buy at your pharmacy.